3 Significant Answers To Why You Need A Colored Monk Cloth


If you ever get involved in weaving, you may hear the words a colored monk cloth mentioned severally. The fabric derived its name from the habit of a monk. A monk is an individual who has given themselves exclusively to a given religious pattern. Monk clothes have been in use for centuries from the time of their time of introduction. They get used as a foundation fabric in the weaving industry. Their loose nature makes them the best choice for newbies in weaving. However, this does not mean that experts can not use colored monk cloth in their weaving industry.

Experienced weavers use monk fabric more than their beginner counterparts. Advanced weavers agree that monk fabric is one of the best weaving fabrics available in the market. Besides, available of these fabrics in different nations makes them a globally recognized material. That means products made from these fabrics will attract a global market. Either way, there are numerous reasons why you should use a colored monk cloth.

Significant Answers To Why You Need A Colored Monk Cloth

Most monk fabrics are available in one neutral color. However, you may find dyed ones which have different colors. These have a broader market than the neutral ones. Here are the major reasons you need to consider a colored monk fabric.

1. It makes the weaving journey exciting

Using a colored monk cloth in your weaving makes the weaving experience fun and exciting. You will like weaving when using colored fabric. Because of its widely available, neutral monk fabric has some monotony. You are bored with your weaving experience when utilizing a monk fabric. But the scenario changes when you go the way of using dyed fabric. You somehow look forward to the next time you are going to weave. Interestingly, you will, as a result, find yourself doing more when using the colored fabric, unlike when using the neutral one.

2. It gives your work an attractive look

You desire to always come up with a masterpiece whenever you do weaving. A colored monk cloth will help you produce an incredible work of art. It gives your job that many looks for appealing design. You may even find some of your friends wanting to buy your work. And of course, you will sell to them but not at the same price as the neutral one. Also, when you make your piece using dyed fabric, you can use it to decorate your house since it is beautiful. Besides, you can add it as some of your material in the car, hence improving your vehicle’s interior look.

3. It is fashionable

Whether you are in summer or winter, monk fabric is always fashionable. You will not find it getting out of fashion. If you go by how long these fabrics have been in use, you will learn that they are always in style. The case applies to both colored and neutral material. So, you do not need to fear investing in an outdated fabric. Once you buy a monk fabric, you will probably pass it on to other generations. Perhaps, if you are from a weaver’s family, you may realize some material you are using came from the past generations.


A colored monk cloth is a priceless asset to a weaver. You will get each of these benefits when you use it. But there are still more gains that you will learn as you grow in the weaving industry.


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