Gray Frames Eyeglasses: Matches Corporate Outfit


Unknown to many, Gray is a colour that is one of the most popular colours for eyeglass frames. Recently, gray frames eyeglasses have seen a revival in their popularity. They have been prevalent among streetwear enthusiasts and corporates who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. The timeless look that they provide makes them a smart fashion choice and at the same time, their modest design makes sure that they can be worn in any setting or during any function. When it comes to a workplace scenario, it doesn’t matter which team you are a part of, wearing Gray glasses will leave an impact, making it a great choice in the corporate world.

Gray Frames Eyeglasses Product Range

There are many different types of gray frames eyeglasses available in the market. The most popular ones include:

1. FortMyers

A unisex and square full frame, which is suitable for both bifocal and progressive lenses. It is elegantly made of TR90 which is lightweight to draw attention to itself and to enhance the style effortlessly. Fort Myers, the classically cool square-shaped frame, which is perfect for round faces, has tall foreheads and soft features.

2. Oberlin

This is an eye-catching frame, offering huge frame with bold color for people who want to stand out. They can also be used as prescription sunglasses when tinted or photochromic lenses are used. Being a classic way frame shape, it will fit most face shapes making Oberlin Eyeglasses the perfect statement piece.

3. Alberta

A-frame exclusively for women with a full oval frame. Alberta Eyeglasses are made from TR90 material which is both lightweight and comfortable. With a classic design and refreshing colour, it is perfect for young wearers. Prescription and computer Eyeglasses are available with this frame as well.

4. Gulfport

A unisex frame made from TR90 and metal, these frames gracefully combine the classic simplicity with a modernized D-frame design. Being fashionable and classic at the same time, the shaping of the frame helps in flattering tall brows, soft features, and tampered jaws.  The frame material, which is thin metal makes it even more fashionable and comfortable.

5. Monterey

If you are someone who is looking for a pair of affordable and chic prescription sunglasses, then Monterey sunglasses is the best choice. Suitable for all genders, these add a timeless touch to your looks. This is a must-have accessory for anyone and everyone who would like to make a striking and lasting impression.

Customer Assurance

1. 30-day Free Return And Exchange

In the unlikely event of the customer not being satisfied with the glasses purchased, GlassesShop offers a no-question 30-day Free Return and Exchange policy for all of its customers. This applies to all the purchases made.

2. 365 Days Frame Guarantee

The company offers a 366 days frame guarantee, which means that the frame, post-purchase will be in its best condition without any damage or problem. If anything does happen, the company guarantees to replace it for a year after the purchase of the same.

3. Free Shipping Over $ 69

GlassesShop offers Free shipping on all orders above $69, no matter the distance. The customers can rest assured that they wouldn’t have to pay more for the delivery charge.

4. Free Anti-Scratch Coating

For all the Eyeglasses and sunglasses purchased, GlassesShop gives the lenses a Free Anti-Scratch Coating. This is done free of cost and that too for all the purchases.


GlassesShop, which was founded in Michigan in 2004, is one of the world’s largest online eyewear stores. Many years later in the field, they are now a well-known and leading brand. Upholding the principle of ‘high quality, rich styles and reasonable price’, the customers can rest assured that they will get the best at the most affordable price.


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