Ways Of Increasing Your Laptop Battery Life


Laptop batteries such as the HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 Battery allow laptops to function without a power cord by supplying power for several hours depending on the consumption level. Once the battery capacity is low, you can recharge it and continue working on the laptop. However, various laptop models have different batteries explicitly designed for them. They vary in shape, size, and power storage capacity. We discuss tips on how to extend your laptop battery life down below.

How to Make your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Modern laptops are efficient and more powerful thanks to advanced technology. Some older laptop models had replaceable batteries, but currently, manufacturers are producing fixed batteries; hence battery life is essential. Good practices and making few changes to the laptop will prolong the battery’s life span. Below are some of the few changes.

1. Activate Battery Saving Mode

Putting the laptop in this mode reduces power consumption and slows down the processor. You may experience low performance, but you would not notice unless you are performing tasks that require more power, i.e, editing videos/photos or gaming.

On the taskbar, click on the battery icon and select the power saver mode. It ensures all features responsible for saving power are activated. When not using the laptop and don’t want to switch it off, set it to sleep mode within seconds.

1. Switch Off or Unplug Peripherals

It is best to disconnect components that are not in use, such as hard drive, webcam, flash disk, etc. Also, mute the speakers if no sound is needed. Every time the laptop beeps when an email notification comes in, the battery is drained. When the laptop uses battery power, the cable takes power to the peripherals even when not used. Once you are done using an external device, eject it immediately to protect the battery life.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen is one of the parts that consume so much battery power. Keeping it on, displaying bright and clear content drains the battery fast. Reduce the brightness by clicking on the settings icon, choose brightness, and then reduce it to a comfortable level.

3. Avoid Total Discharge

Total draining of the battery is a dangerous act. The life of a battery is made up of cycles that, when finished, the battery stops functioning. Each full charge, 0-100, is one complete cycle. Every time you drain it and charge it till full reduces this cycle hence shortening its life span. After a while of continuous discharge, the battery fails, and no charging takes place.

4. Store the Laptop in a Cool Place

Heat and cold are great enemies and should be avoided. When a laptop senses too much heat, it shuts down to reduce the room’s effects, i.e., of direct sunlight. Repeated thermal shutdowns damage the battery. Extreme temperatures (heat or cold) force the laptop to work extra hard, thus draining more power from it. It reduces the number of years the battery would have functioned properly.


Several benefits that a laptop has, like portability, are due to a rechargeable battery. To benefit fully, you have to protect it from any damage by following the ways mentioned above. For laptops with non-removable batteries, if the battery is spoilt, you have to buy a new laptop. The battery must be maintained and given good care so to extend its life span.

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