ELFBAR FB1000 Pod Kit: A Definitive Vaping Review


This article will review a specific ELFBAR pod kit: the ELFBAR FB1000. Stay tuned to learn more about this vaping device and see if it is worth trying. Please note that all information provided is produced by personally using the specific vaping device. To provide an honest, reliable, and factual review of ELFBAR FB1000.

What’s in the Box

The ELFBAR FB1000 comes with a cylindrical carton box containing the device, a USB Type-C charging cord, a user manual, and a metallic lanyard as an accessory. The tank or the “pod” is already attached to the device, and the same goes for the coil. The e-liquid tank is detachable and has a very strong magnetic plate that is so strong it won’t detach easily, even with just holding it with the tank alone and shaking it. Just not violently shake it, as no vaping devices could do such a magnetic grip like that. Upon inspection, the pre-installed 0.8 ohms coil in this device has amazing detail. Pod kits of different brands have slightly thinner cotton inside their OCCs, while FB1000 OCC has thicker cotton. Please note that there is a plastic seal underneath the coil that is needed to be removed first. The e-liquid chute is located underneath the e-liquid tank with a high-quality rubber cap that is sure to prevent any leakage. The primary device has a firing button at the side, a light indicator, and a USB Type-C charging port underneath. There are also anti-slip grip marks on the other side of the device. FB1000’s size is fairly small and can be discreetly hidden when held with one fist. It has 1000mah of battery capacity, which is personally proven to last for more than 48 hours of normal vaping with one single charge and 6 hours of constantly vaping on a single charge with 3 full tank refills.

Usage and Performance

The ELFBAR FB1000 can be vaped in two ways: using the firing button or directly vaping the device without pressing the firing button. Regardless of these two, the device needs to be turned on first with 5 quick presses using the firing button. The same goes for turning the device off. A white blinking light on the indicator will show up when the device is turned on or off. This light indicator will also light up during charging, fully charged, and when vaping. After vaping the device, the performance of this pod kit is very surprising. The vapor production can be up to par with a regular variable mod running on 120 watts. Considering the size of the FB1000 and it is only a pod kit, this is remarkable for a pod device. Thanks to the thicker cotton inside of its OCC, the flavor is fully rounded and not muted. When it comes to the airflow during vaping, it is not too tight and airy, even with a slightly wide bore mouthpiece tip. Indeed a very unexpected and surprising performance from this tiny vaping device.

Price and Maintenance

Now comes the part that everyone is waiting to know: the price. The price of FB1000 is less compared to its competitors. It is easy to purchase one with ELFBAR’s product website or even at the nearby vape shops. The OCC price for the FB1000 is standard, but still, it is a lot cheaper than a single order of rebuildable coil. Since this is a pod kit, there’s no need for special vaping tools for maintenance care. Like a typical vape pod, the OCC can be easily removed and replaced with bare hands. The only pro tip needed is always to use a salt nic-based e-liquid. Also, to empty the tank’s e-liquid, remove the OCC if it will not be used for a long time, like a whole day or more. This pro tip applies to all refillable pods, including the FB1000.

Final Thoughts

An affordable price with a performance that can go neck to neck with a variable mod is enough reason not to say no to FB1000—highly recommended for both newbies in vaping and well-experienced vapers. Small in size but big in performance, that’s the final verdict for this amazing product of ELFBAR.


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