What Is A CPU Heat Sink? Complete Guideline


If you are a regular computer user then you will be aware that a computer can easily heat up even if we use it for a short time. But we can’t figure out whether our computer is hot or not, just by touching it as we do with our laptops and mobile phones.

Heat sinks are used in the CPU of a computer that works by collecting heat from the CPU and making it extraordinary. But a lot of people who use computers need to become more familiar with this technology and want to know what is a cpu heat sink and how it works. Given is the complete guideline about cpu heat sinks.

Working Algorithm of CPU Heat Sink

There will be no exaggeration in saying that half of the working procedure of a heat saying is performed within the heat pipe think sink. Heat sinks can contain aluminum or copper as a material and both have amazing features. The main objective of a heat sink involves drawing the heat out of a computer.

In this way, the computer becomes more stable and its processing also enhances. A CPU heat sink also contains a cooling fan that works by minimizing the air resistance and the metal fins help in increasing the surface area that directly brings efficiency in the working of the heat sink.

In short, we can say that the heat generated by a CPU is absorbed by the liquid in the heat sink. As a result of this absorption, the liquid transitions into gas and moves up using a pipe and converter back into liquid. Cooling fans play a great role in reducing the temperature of the liquid.

What Makes A Heat Sink Best?

When measuring the factors that contribute to making a heat sink the best. Then, only 4 factors have a distinct position. This includes the material that is used to make the heat sink and then the surface area obtained by it.

Third is the fan’s position and last is the number of heat pipes used in the CPU heat sink. All of these factors can make up the best heat sink and if any of them is disturbed then it simply means the whole heat sink is disturbed. These factors along with their little bit of detail are discussed below:


There will be no exaggeration if we say that the entire efficiency of a heat sink depends upon its manufacturing material. The materials included in the manufacturing of the heat sink are aluminum copper air water and thermal paste.


We all know that more heat will be dissipated at a time if the area is large. In terms of the cpu heat sink, if the plate has a large surface area then it means it will result in more transfer of heat to the pipe from the CPU. Hence, if you want to increase the amount of heat dissipating from a computer then you should use plates of large surface area.

Number of Heat Pipes

We can say that the data efficiency of the heat sink increases with the increase in the number of heat pipes. But it doesn’t mean, to get 100% efficiency we have to use 100 heat pipes. The devices, where a large amount of heat has to be drawn out, need a heat sink having more heat pipes as compared to other appliances.

Position of Fan

Lastly, yet importantly, the fan positioning also has a great influence over the functioning of the heat sink. But we must know that more cooling will be obtained by adding more fans in the correct position but it also means more noise.


The cpu heat sink which plays a very significant role in balancing the performance of a computer is also the most ignored component. People just know that the heat from a CPU is drawn out but don’t know what is the technology behind this amazing technique. Hence, it’s important to know about this efficient technique and some more details about it.


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