Ten clear signs you should invest in a pressure washer


Pressure washers are great tools because they can tackle various cleaning projects without you having to resort to other, more expensive machinery. But not everyone needs or should own one. Before you go out and purchase your pressure washer, read this list for ten common uses that will help you make up your mind.

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Ten Signs You Should Invest in Pressure Washer

1. If the exterior of your home is dirty and needs an extensive scrubbing

Pressure washers have many uses, but the most common application is to clean the siding on homes. Many people also use them to clean their patios and decks by blasting off the spiderwebs, dirt, grime, mould and mildew build-up or anything else that might be stuck to the surface.

2. If you’re constantly having to replace your outdoor furniture because they’re becoming too dirty

People who own a lot of outdoor furniture know all too well how quickly grime and dirt can accumulate on tables, chairs, benches or any other piece of upholstered seating. A pressure washer is a great way to blast away these unsightly stains and discolouration so you don’t have to worry about throwing out something that could otherwise be saved with a few minutes of scrubbing. Bye, bye mildew!

3. If the house next door has too many cars parked in front of it and you need some help

Though this isn’t technically about cleaning, having access to a pressure washer might make you want to address the problem of too many cars in front of your neighbour’s house. They can help prevent accidents and provide good visibility by removing any oil stains on the asphalt. This will also make it easier for the cars that still do park on that street to move through crowds or leave public lots without getting their vehicles stuck in a jam.

4. If your car has been covered with mud, dirt, grime and other debris from road trips

Driving around during rainy seasons is an excellent experience, especially if you like seeing different places and exploring new paths. Don’t forget how dirty it can also get along the way! You might not think about how grimy your interior is until something spills, and suddenly you’re knee-deep in mud and dirt. The best thing to do is use a pressure washer on your car or vacuum the place out before it becomes a permanent part of your vehicle’s decor.

5. If you need an easy way to strip paint off walls, woodwork, fencing, etc

Suppose there’s anything worse than having grime and dirt build-up on surfaces. In that case, it has old paint splotches – especially after repainting – that can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating to remove without stripping them entirely with chemicals. Pressure washing will take care of all those leftover traces and allow you to keep the integrity of any surface, so they still look clean and new for years to come.

6. If your car or other vehicle needs a thorough engine cleaning

Much like your home, the outside of your car needs to be cleaned regularly, including the hard-to-reach parts. Using a pressure washer inside your vehicle might get rid of stains and dirt. Still, it’s also possible to get under the hood and clean out any accumulated dust, grime or mould using an attachment suitable for such tasks. This will help prolong the life of its components and make sure everything runs smoothly when you need it most.

7. If your kids want to play in mud puddles (or there’s a mud bog nearby) and keep bringing their toys back into the house completely caked in filth

Admit it: we’ve all been guilty of this at least once before. But who would have thought there was an excellent way to address the problem without having to constantly scrub and wash their toys before they’re allowed anywhere near the couch again? You can use a pressure washer or choose a more robust model that will make light work of mud, dirt, grime and other debris – no matter how thick – by blasting it all away with ease.

8. If you ever need to clean out your gutters but don’t want to risk climbing up ladders or using dangerous tarps for protection

Gutters are an essential part of any home’s exterior because they prevent water from damaging anything below. Still, they can also get clogged over time, which prevents them from doing their job correctly. This is not only dangerous but also forces excess water to fall wherever it may, which is why you might need something more than a regular hosepipe or small bucket of soapy water.

9. If you’ve got some extra cash to spend on your next big shopping trip

As long as you’re comfortable with spending money on things that will prove helpful later on, this would be an investment worth making, even if you can’t find any need for it immediately. Pressure washers are one of those items that pay off almost every time they’re used because even once they cost a lot initially, there’s no limit when it comes to effectively removing dirt and stains from any surface without leaving a drop. No matter how grimey the place is, a pressure washer will make it look practically brand new again.

10. If your kids want to go outside and play in the mud without ruining their clothes

There’s always going to be a time when children get dirty no matter how much you try to avoid it, but most of us can agree that they don’t need that dirt on their clothing for hours or even days afterwards. This means having something that allows them to stay clean during playtime is vital if they’re not allowed out until every bit of grime from head to toe has been scrubbed away. A pressure washer makes this possible because its powerful jets provide an easy way to blast away just about anything without harming any fabric it comes into contact with, while the water only needs to be released from a safe distance.


As you can see, pressure washing isn’t just a must-have item if you have dirty jobs to complete around the house because it can also be used for so many different purposes, both indoors and out. Even if none of these reasons applies to your situation right now, this would still be an excellent investment that has many benefits later on – especially if you’re already in need of something that’ll make your kitchen surfaces cleaner than ever before.


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